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Some unboxings are very grand affairs, and usually because they need to be. This isn't one of them, though this SSD does have a few things to note that most do not. I have to admit that if Team Group designed the box to be 'eye-catching', then they have certainly succeeded. Unlike most SSDs boxes on the market, the Delta S TUF immediately grabs your eye, but - thankfully - without being entirely gaudy. There are nice splashes of colour on the front of the box, and - to my great surprise - the Asus co-branding was really kept to a minimum, with the only clue being a logo on the bottom right with the 'TUF' logo in its usual orange. If I was online or in a shop, you can bet I would look at this twice.


Flipping it around, and it's more 'down to business.' Team Group save some of the more relevant specifications for here, and listed is the performance, dimensions, and thermal range. There is, of course, some marketing blurb, which you can read if you want.

Included in the box is your requisite 5-pin RGB cable. Luckily, aside from the entirely necessary SATA power/data cables, this is the only other required item to make the RGB work. There is a manual as well, plus some warranty information. This can, of course, be found on the website.


I don't normally get to praise the looks of SSDs, but this is an exception. No it doesn't affect performance and therefore doesn't 'really' matter (for all I cared, my SSDs could be entirely black and non-descript). However, it shows a company cares and wants to go to a bit more effort in order to help their product stand out. There is also the point that modern PC-building is very visuals focused, so one could probably argue that all Team Group are doing is catering to a necessary market.

With that said... this SSD looks excellent. The visual changes from the regular variant are actually fairly small, with the TUF branding being visible only on the bottom front edge of the product. Even then, the gaudy orange is kept to a minimum, and - I would argue - actually works quite nicely as a colour contrast. Instead, Asus/Team have clearly chosen to use the TUF branding more visually, with the drive being evidently chunkier and bolder all around.


The main feature is, clearly, the massive lightbar/box that takes up about 60-65% of the main surface area of the drive. Included, you can see some photos of the drive lit up in all its glory. I raised some concerns earlier that the RGB would be overdone, and whilst I would - perhaps - prefer some light 'bars', the illumination on the singular RGB plate is very well done indeed. I shouldn't be surprised, given the collab with RGB royalty Asus, but it's good to see nonetheless.


All in all, it looks great, and leaving aside price/performance, I could see this pleasing the aesthetically minded builder who just had to have all parts of their build follow a theme. In fact, bear that point in mind.



You can select a color of choice once you hook it up towards the RGB connector. Please do make sure you purchase a compatible product RGB wise (5/12V etc).

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