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Anvil Disk Benchmark

Anvil Disk Benchmark

Anvil is a fairly easy to use a benchmark that hits the drive across the board with various tasks. It also measures response time, something we saw as a notable weakness in the AS SSD benchmark suite. You basically hit 'go', and the utility does all the work for you. If only real-world work were like this...

The news here, sadly, isn't great. The QVO drive pulls in a score of 5,355, putting it nearly at the top of the stack in terms of SATA based 2.5'' drives. The Delta... well, it gets utterly flattened. Sadly, it also gets utterly flattened by the vast majority of other SSDs that have been through Guru3D's doors in the last few years. To give you some idea of the scale of the defeat, the Delta edges out the now very old 840 Pro by just 100 or so points (a drive with issues of its own, as many will recall). Crucial's relatively new BX500 drive scores 7.5% higher, hitting just over 4,400. We have seen the weaknesses of this drive gradually stack up over the course of our benchmarking, and whilst I have compared it to one of the best 'budget' options available in early 2019, it really goes to show that not much extra money can buy you.

With that, we come to the end of our benchmark list. We deliberately choose as wide a range of 'canned' tests as possible, as some may be kinder to various aspects of the drive than others will be.



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