Blackview Shark 8 (8GB/256GB/64MP) Smartphone Review

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Android 13 and DokeOS 4 The Blackview Shark 8 makes its way to the market, equipped with Android 13 and updated with the latest patches as of September 2023. While it comes at an affordable price point, it manages to deliver decent performance about its cost. However, the manufacturer hasn't specified the number of updates this smartphone will receive, which is an unfortunate common trend with lower-priced devices. Consequently, expectations for future updates, such as Android 14, should be kept in check. We noticed Android 13 Q3/Q4 updates being installed on it's OS.  The device features a customized software experience with Blackview's DokeOS 4 interface. Thankfully, the customization is not overly intrusive and is free from advertising and bloatware. Mainly this is a clean install of Android 13 with some pre-installed apps that may not be to everyone's liking. Fortunately, these apps can be easily removed from the Play Store, allowing users to replace them with preferred alternatives.


In terms of additional features, the Blackview Shark 8 doesn't offer anything particularly advanced. It provides a focus mode to minimize distractions during important tasks and a side menu for quick access to favourite applications, although multitasking in multiple Windows is not supported. One area where the smartphone pleasantly surprises is its system fluidity. It consistently delivers prompt responsiveness, setting it apart from cheap smartphones of more recognized brands. While it may not match the speed of top-tier devices, its smooth performance surprized us. 



The Blackview Shark 8 proves to be an excellent choice for those with a budget of less than €150. It offers substantial value compared to more well-known brands, despite potential compromises in software, camera quality, and update frequency. In a market where smartphone prices continue to rise, affordable options like this one provide a sensible choice for those seeking cost-effective solutions. Key features of the Blackview Shark 8 include a 120 Hz screen, a generous 6.78-inch display, and a substantial battery capacity that ensures prolonged usage. Despite certain software update concerns, the presence of Android 13 pre-installed offers some reassurance. The included DokeOS 4.0, based on Android 13, maintains a largely stock Android experience, though support for future updates remains unclear.

The phone's design includes a glitter effect on its plastic back panel, creating a bit of a premium look. It also features squared-off edges for improved grip and a modern 2023 design.  Physically, the phone features a plastic housing, the IPS panel, while not on par with high-end OLED displays, offers a decent level of brightness. Notably, it achieves a brightness level of 575 nits that we measured, making it easily readable in outdoor settings. The device's camera performance is not bad at all, offering quality comparable to models with higher price tags. Although the speaker is mono, it provides adequate volume. A prominent feature is the phone's fast charging capability, equipped with a 33W charger and a 5000mAh battery, which is significant for its category. Additionally, the phone's 5000mAh battery can be fully charged in just an hour using the provided charger, further enhancing its appeal.

The packaging includes a basic black case and a screen protector (not pre-installed). The charger features a 33W output and uses a USB-C to USB-C connection, compatible with multiple wattages. The inclusion of a headphone jack adds practicality. Notably, this smartphone provides a level of performance uncommon in new devices at this price point, excluding used devices from this comparison. Any drawbacks you wonder? The screen has a cooler blue tint and its resolution and quality are slightly inferior compared to models like the Redmi 13C, even after screen calibration attempts. Additionally, the touch response is marginally slower, affecting experiences that require quick interactions, such as gaming. Despite these remarks the phone's affordability at $125 USD makes its positive features more prominent, offering considerable value for a budget-friendly smartphone.

The Blackview Shark 8 comes with a comprehensive set of accessories, including a 33W charger, charging cable, screen protector, and a protective case, ensuring users have everything they need right from the start. This device caters to those who seek a well-rounded smartphone without high-end features. While it lacks 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and a premium display, it compensates with a bright screen, good battery life, expandable storage options, and a headphone jack. In summary, the Blackview Shark 8 offers a cost-effective choice for those who prioritize affordability over high-performance features, with the caveat of potential uncertainty regarding future updates.

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