Blackview Shark 8 (8GB/256GB/64MP) Smartphone Review

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The camera island

Notably, this smartphone incorporates two primary cameras, although the spec sheet only highlights one – a formidable 64-megapixel camera (64 MP Samsung ISOCELL). It may be tempting to dismiss the additional sensor as mere aesthetics, a common practice among manufacturers who often tout inconsequential features like microscopic bokeh or macro sensors. The front-facing camera, on the other hand, boasts a 13-megapixel unit.

Photos are a little grainy on a big screen and certainly could be a notch sharper in low-light conditions, but overall we're not disappointed.



The Shark 8 camera exhibits limited zoom capabilities. When utilized for photography in clear weather conditions, it typically yields satisfactory results. However, as observed in the images captured from specific locations, the quality does not meet high standards. This aligns with the previously noted constraint in its zoom function, leading to slightly underwhelming final images.


The 13 MP selfie cam and a weird-looking dude however do reproduce satisfactory photos. Steer clear of the AI function though, it adds weird blurs. 


For Macro photos you're looking at a decent camera, albeit noisy in low-light conditions. 

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