G.Skill WigiDash PC Command Panel review

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Final words and conclusion

G.Skill is of course best known for its range of memory products, including Trident and Ripjaws RAM, however has been more gamer centric with a portfolio to that includes chassis, keyboards and mice. The introduction of the G.Skill WigiDash PC Command Panel marks a significant addition to this lineup, and granted we like what we see.  The G.Skill WigiDash is designed to compete with similar products like Elgato's Stream Deck MK.2. The WigiDash aims to offer a separate hotkey pad for gamers, enhancing task efficiency. It features a 7-inch IPS display with a 1024x600 resolution and touch support, allowing for up to 20 customizable buttons or widgets organized in a 5x4 grid. Unlike the Elgato device, which uses individual LCD buttons, the WigiDash employs a single unified display. You can swipe in between screens thanks to touch functionality which of of course also activates hotkeys and macros. 



We like where G.Skill is going with this. The WigiDash's primary function is to optimize workflows and display system information. Users can configure hotkeys for various actions, including program launching, file access, and Windows OS functions. It supports the integration of third-party utilities for displaying information like weather updates and time, however needs to hook into HWinfo or AIDA which for more advanced metrics and polling results. Also, the WiGiDash manager needs to be active in the background for the device to display anything.  The WigiDash Manager software facilitates the easy organization of widgets and allows users to create multiple customized pages, offering advanced options for personalizing icons, colours, and fonts. It includes an "Actions" menu for automating system tasks and supports multiple devices per PC. We like the software, a handy drag-and-drop interface simplifies widget arrangement within the grid. The WigiDash PC Command Panel is priced at $129.99 on Amazon. We wonder if G.Skill will release a larger version of Say WigiDash XL. 

The unit is available on Amazon for $129.99, you can grab the software here and some tutorial videos can be spotted here


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