G.Skill WigiDash PC Command Panel review

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Control Software

This command panel supports workflow optimization and data management by allowing the use of hotkeys and widgets. Hotkeys are customizable and enable users to quickly launch applications, access files, open links, and perform actions within the Windows environment. below you can see the control software, activate the device, and then drag and drop in a configuration of your preference.


These shortcuts are adaptable and change according to the active application. Widgets can integrate with third-party software such as HWiNFO and AIDA64 SensorPanel to provide real-time system performance data. Additional widget features include clocks, timers, weather updates, and audio visualizers, useful for both gaming and work scenarios. The USB-powered touch panel designed to show your system's sensor data using programs like HWINFO or AIDA64. What's great about it is that it doesn't link up to your graphics card like a secondary monitor would, so you won't have to worry about your mouse accidentally wandering onto it. This also means it won't affect your gaming frame rates. Plus, it doesn't need a rigid HDMI connection, giving you the freedom to place it anywhere you like without adding to the cable clutter on your desk. 


The WigiDash Manager software offers extensive customization capabilities. It allows users to arrange widgets on the panel's grid, create multiple pages tailored to specific needs, and customize icons, colors, and fonts. A Spotify widget on this panel is pretty cool too. It goes beyond simple play and pause functions; you can browse through your playlists and songs, picking what you want to hear next. This is super handy, especially when your main screen is tied up with games or other full-screen applications. 


Quite handy; the software also includes an "Actions" menu for setting automated system and WigiDash actions based on specific rules and triggers. Profile export and import functions are available for backing up and sharing configurations. The software is designed to support multiple WigiDash units on a single PC.


The WigiDash PC Command Panel is available online, with a listed price point of USD 129.99 which is in line with competing products from Razer and Elgato.




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