Cougar Blazer review

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Product showcase – interior

Product showcase – interior



There are 7 PCI card slots (secured with thumbscrews). 



 There’s no PSU shroud, only a frame that is s attached to the motherboard tray.



The huge cut-out for your cooler’s backplate should make life easier. You can use power supply units up to 180 mm long, which should be enough for the typical models.



No fans are pre-installed (but you’d most probably swap them out for your own ones/AIO anyway). You can install a 360 mm rad on the right side, and a 240 mm one on the top, which should be enough for the typical consumer CPU together with a high-end graphics card.



The wires coming from the I/O panel are black, which improves the aesthetics of the whole package, and the ones for reset/power on and audio are braided. Ok, let’s proceed to the build section.

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