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Product Showcase - Exterior

Product Showcase - Exterior



The chassis is an open frame. In its default state, the tempered glass panels are not attached. It’s made of thick aluminium plates.



 The opposite side is also open and made of aluminium as well. Surface finish quality is great. You can see that the orange accents make it really feel “alive”, but they might also bother some people. Let me just quote the specs here again: the BLAZER weighs about 14 kg. The dimensions are 226 x 535 x 560 mm (WxHxD), so the size is above the average for this type of chassis. The following motherboard form factors are supported:

  • Mini ITX
  • Micro ATX
  • ATX
  • CEB

At over 14 kg (with the tempered glass panels on), the BLAZER is not a heavy-weight contender, but it is still very stable, even without all the hardware inside. Two tempered glass panels surely help in that matter. 




There’s been no revolution on the back, and you can spot 7 horizontal expansion slots there. So, in a traditional horizontal setup, it’s possible to have dual-slot cards in Crossfire or SLI mode. 



The PSU bracket is removable (and held in place by two thumbscrews), which makes it easier to install a unit. No fans are installed in the default state. 



 When you look at the bottom section, you won’t find any fan filters, of course, and the feet are made of aluminium (with rubber pads), just like the rest of the frame.

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