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Product showcase – interior

Product Showcase - Interior



You can install up to three 3.5” drives/five 2.5” ones. Two of them (2.5/3.5”) are mounted on the backside, under the cooler cut-out. One 2.5” drive can be mounted on the metal cable cover. Two drives can also be mounted on the second layer of the front panel. They’re secured with thumbscrews.



You can fit big components inside. This case supports graphics cards up to 350 mm in length, and CPU coolers up to 160 mm in height (well, that’s not too impressive). Liquid cooling enthusiasts may appreciate this product, as it’s possible to mount a combo of radiators of up to 360 + 240 mm.



The motherboard layout is traditional, and there’s a PSU on the bottom of the chassis. The biggest radiator is mounted on the side, as is usually the case with water-cooling-oriented enclosures.



There is a lot of space to route cables (there are no rubber grommets, of course), including the EPS one, which can be tricky in some other chassis, where you need to pre-route it before securing the motherboard inside the case. At the back, you've about 3 cm to "tuck" in the cables.

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