Cougar Blazer review

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Product Showcase – the packaging

Product showcase – the packaging

Theoretically, the packaging isn’t anything new on the outside. There’s a photo of the product on the front, with the features listed on the back. The entire package weighs almost 14 kg, so it’s quite big, but luckily it has cut-outs on the side that serve as handles.  



And what is awaiting us inside the box? The chassis is very well protected with Styrofoam, and that helped during shipping.



No damage occurred, and the tempered glass panels (and you have a total of two here) are all right. Ten screws are also included in this foam enclosure that holds the panels (with a foam separator between the two pieces).



Behind the panels, you can see a cardboard-and-foam structure that holds the chassis securely. The Cougar BLAZER has a unique, open-frame look. You can see the orange accents here. It’s definitely a higher-end, mid-sized chassis, measuring 226 x 535 x 560 mm (WxHxD), with a total capacity of 67.7 l.



Inside, you’ll find the user guide, five adhesive cable clips and cable ties, and also some case screws. Let’s proceed to the evaluation of the exterior. 

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