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Product showcase – Exterior/Interior

 Product showcase – Exterior/Interior



You’ll find a standard front I/O panel on the top of the case. This is not a good solution for people who keep their cases on the desk, as reaching the ports might be difficult in a setup like that. While we’re at it, the selection is broad, with two USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks, and two buttons for powering on/off and resetting your system.



The top is ventilated naturally, of course.


 The Cougar BLAZER looks very nice (and original) in black and orange, and with all this tempered glass.



To mount the side panels, you simply need to screw them on with five screws. There’s a bit too much branding here. The logo on the tempered glass panels is not really necessary, and it might conceal the name of your PSU. You can also see the name of the brand on the front panel. Regarding water cooling capabilities, the BLAZER is intended primarily for that kind of setup, with support for 360 mm radiators on the right side (using a cooling bracket without a dedicated fill port) and 240 mm at the top. You can install up to five fans.


  • Right side: 3 x 120 mm
  • Top: 2 x 120 mm

 There are no fan filters, obviously.



The cut-outs for the motherboard cable on the backside are hidden under the metal panel and secured with thumbscrews.

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