Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 (w/ silent switches) review

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Corsair iCUE Software

Corsair iCUE Software

The all-new iCUE Software has been available on the market ever since March 2018. Corsair merged CUE with its Link software into iCUE. It’s been moved out of early access (beta) stage and seems to be working really well from what we can tell. It’s frequently updated. The latest version at the moment of writing the review was v3.4.95. Overall, the control panel has a minimalist feel, and this – we like. The software displays all connected Corsair devices in the top section of the interface. In configuration tab, you can select the key layout, polling rate, the intensity level of the lighting and update the firmware.


iCUE has good lighting and macro-programming controls. You can program macros and assign them to less used keys. There is a possibility to adjust key assignments, for your mouse dpi and much and many more.



As for the main feature (lighting), there are many pre-configured effects. But still, you dive into iCUE you can set up your own profiles matching your favorite games. If you want to set the keyboard to a single color, it’ll be a fast action. It’d take the time to set up more complicated configurations, but the Strafe MK.2 can store internally the customizations in one of the three profiles, and there’s a dedicated button on the board for cycling through them. There’s also an option to store profiles in your computer. You can link each of them with games/programs. 


There’s a possibility to synchronize the effects with other Corsair RGB stuff that is compatible with iCUE, like in my situation ST100 headset stand.



Last thing worth mentioning is the options to monitor system variables and sensors. You can check the CPU/GPU temperature, memory timing etc. However, I can’t recommend it to the novice users, as they may get lost here. But if interested, give it a try.


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