Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 (w/ silent switches) review

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Functional usage

Functional usage

The Strafe MK.2 comes with either Cherry MX Red (139 USD) or Silent Red (149 USD) switches. In the review the latter one has been used, they have dampeners built into stems. It slightly shortens the travel distance comparing to reds (it’s 3.7 vs 4 mm). Also, the actuation distance is different, Silent have 1.9 mm, Reds 2 mm.  Silent Reds are definitely quiet. If you press them down softly, they barely make any noise. It’s impressive when comparing to other Cherry MX switches. This is useful, especially when doing night sessions of gaming/typing. Luckily my computer is not close to the bedroom, but I can imagine the MX Silent switches can be especially desired when PC is near a bed or bedroom. Usually, I don’t look at the keys while typing, but I’ve caught myself doing it with that keyboard sometimes. That’s how appealing the lighting is.


We have tested the Strafe MK.2 during many hours of typing and gaming. While playing in games like Starcraft 2, PUBG, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: WW2 or even DiRT: Rally the keyboard responded to my actions quickly and accurately. Precision is one of the reasons, why people buy mechanical keyboards, and yeah - you won’t miss it. The possibility of recording macros may come in handy several times. It’s worth noting that there’s no possibility to record it on-the-fly, and unfortunately, there are no dedicated macro keys. I liked the dedicated key for changing profiles, it enabled me to switch to other settings, designed for a different game in a second.



An N-Key rollover test also passed without any hiccup. Anti-Ghosting technology serves its purpose as well. During typing, I didn’t have any occurrence of missed letters. Ergonomics are excellent, attached wrist rest makes the Strafe MK.2 ideal even for very long sessions. Some people may not like It, but it’s removable, so no issue here. Spacebar has diamond-plate-texture, and it’s a nice move, more grip is always appreciated. Lighting is not even slightly annoying in the dark, and of course, there’s a possibility to even disable it completely. Media keys and volume roll introduced in MK.2 are a nice addition, and I found it rather useful several times (why do some keyboards still do not have them?). The USB pass-through is a good idea, it’s a pity that there are only 2 USB ports available (more would be handy, correct?)


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