Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 (w/ silent switches) review

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Ok, power on, here we go.  The lights are vivid and clear even during the day. Remember, you can dim or brighten up the LEDs as much as you like slash prefer.




The surface upon which the switches sit is white and you know what, that can look a bit odd when the LEDs are off. 


The USB cable is 1.8 m long and nicely braided, but very stiff. There are two USB connectors, to enable the functionality of USB pass-through.


If you don’t want to use the USB pass-through port, you don't need to plug in the second USB connector. Which, well, kind of speaks for itself really, so I dunno why I write that down for you guys. Hey, we're thorough man!


At the bottom (photo below), we see a quite simple design, nothing fancy as in K70 MK.2 with that embedded X for the cable routing. Again, the two flip-up stands don’t have rubber inserts. Also, the rubber pads placed in four corners are relatively small (not like K95 Platinum), not really compensating the lack of pads in feet. Luckily the keyboard is quite heavy, so this should help avoid the movement during the usage.


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