Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 (w/ silent switches) review

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A bit more product showcase

Product Showcase




The wrist rest is detachable, you can simply clip it off without too much effort. It’s made of quite thin plastic and lacks some sort of soft rubber that covered it in the previous generation. But despite that, it does its job quite well. The wrist rest is comfortable for one made out of plastic, but your wrists can slip off when sweaty.


The keys for dimming and Windows-Lock have been moved to the left (comparing to MK.2) and the new one appeared, for profile changing. All of the keys have RGB back-light LEDs, which can be configured individually (color/animation).



It’s good, that there’s a possibility to dim the lighting of keys in three stages. The brightest one can be too bright in a dark room. RGB is helped a bit by the white background, but practically it does not make much difference compared to, for example, the K95 Platinum, since the fonts of Corsair are already quite strong and let a lot of light through.


There is no bleeding between heavily contrasting colors. As to why Corsair moved to a white background is simple, white reflects light, black does not. So using a white background creates a bit more of an ambient halo effect with the RGB LEDs are in use.


You can individually set the lights for each key in iCUE. Also, the secondary keys are going well in RGB. You can enable the LED only for WASD, arrow if you prefer. There are some profiles already built-in, but you can do the custom ones, and also download others.



This is a great design overall, silent mechanical keys, aluminum top plate, ergonomic wrist rest, and sure .. the looks to kill (your enemy in-game of course).


Even the Corsair logo is lit up now, configurable as well, of course.


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