Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 (w/ silent switches) review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

Yes, we like the updated Strafe RGB keyboard. The changes that were implemented improved the quality and overall user experience with this nice piece of hardware. The Strafe MK.2 is much more versatile compared to its predecessor. It’s not cheap though we feel it’s worth the price. The quality of chassis is high. There is nothing we could declare as flexy, wobbly or anything close to fragile. The top of the keyboard has an aluminum reinforced insert, there are media and profile-switching keys available (instead of using FN + F-key). Corsair logo is illuminated now, and the lighting and Windows-lock buttons have been also altered. Onboard profile storage comes in hand, and iCUE support makes the configuration really easy.


We love the new disclaimer at the backside :)

Corsair’s implementation of RGB LEDs is still among the best in the market. The Strafe MK.2 has a good, soft wrist rest. The braided cable is also a positive side (a bit too thick/stiff maybe). For some, the lack of extra macro G keys is a thing. One light remark, the rubber pads on the bottom of the keyboard are relatively small, so they sometimes do lack that bit of extra grip. The wrist rest pad lacks a rubber finish/feel, which the previous generation had (and we liked better). The last revision of Strafe had more Cherry MX switch options. For the MK2 you need to like linear key switches. It would be fantastic to not only have the pass-through USB but rather a HUB with at least 2 USB ports. The volume wheel is lacking a bit of a resistive feel, but maybe that will appear in MK.3? The last remark, the usage of ABS keycaps. We really would like it if Corsair simply made a switch towards all PBT. It would be a unique move loved by many. However, they will happily sell you a set of PBT caps with its in-house font in black or white for an extra $50. PBT, once you have used them you'll know it, feel much more nicer.



The Strafe RGB MK.2 upgrade in aesthetics is significant compared to the K70 MK2 we recently reviewed. Corsair introduced an aluminum plate as well as media, volume keys, and functionality. Also the Corsair 'sticker' was removed with a Corsair logo with backlit lighting. All moves in the right direction. The overall look is sleek and feels premium, even while the majority of the materials used remains to be plastic. Replacement WASD (for FPS) and QWERDF (for MOBA) keys make the look and usability even more unique. I liked especially the volume slider, but it would be even better if it had some resistive feel (but hey, maybe the MK.3 will introduce it?). The LED lighting system is very cool (colors are vivid and clear), you can adjust each key to match your preference. Even anti-RGB guys should find some sort of settings that suits them. The rigid and thick USB cable is one thing in appearance that looks good, however, is stiff to use.



Final words

If you don’t mind the price, you’ll be more than happy with the Strafe RGB MK.2. The market for mechanical keyboards is becoming more crowded, but this Corsair product has some features, that should let you choose it over the competition. Guru3D Recommendation is based on the overall high quality and features. Aesthetics are now improved comparing to predecessor (like this Corsair logo with RGB lit and aluminum plating), media, profile and volume keys can really come in handy. If you’re not a fan of RGB, remember that you can always adjust the lighting per key (on/off/dim etc). iCUE software enables the user to synchronize the lighting with other Corsair RGB gear, like a mouse, headset, and fans. That overall really brings in a nice synchronized feel with effects, harmonious is the word I was looking for. An ARM CPU and 8 MB of built-in memory will make the customization easier and you won’t have to set-up things (load up) after each software restart thanks to the 3 profiles, which you can change with the press of a key, it's that simple. The new Strafe MK.2 has a limited selection of Cherry MX switches, just MX Red and MX Silent really. That could be extended in my opinion, as in fact, these two are a very similar type of switches, so you must really like the linear type. I personally love the MX Silent (I previously used the MX Clear type), especially during evening sessions, they’re virtually noiseless. Remember, you get 2-years warranty. And at 139 USD (Red)/149 (Silent) USD – that makes this offer interesting, but sure, also not cheap. Really, there's very little to complain about as Corsair really refined the Strafe towards a great product, without any doubts it deserves our Guru3D Recommended product award.

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