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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

Alright, a couple of pages with photo's then. Let's start off with packaging. We received two very large boxes alright.index.php?ct=articles&action=file&id=1972

The ARES II will arrive in a massive carton box, but there is more to it then that alright. Check out what appears once we open up the boxes.


Once you open the carton box you'll notice a briefcase. The ROG ARES II is packed in an silver briefcase, which kinda reminded me of the hitman game to carry around its silverbullet guns. 


Once opened up there the card and the liquid cooler appear. The ARES II is part of the ROG (Republic of Gamers) series of products. Mind you that this is an (All-In-One) AIO solution, meaning the liquid cooling kit has been preinstalled and connected. Aside from one fan which you mount to the chassis and radiator the cards are good to go. To hit the ROG standard of performance the ARES II features TWO AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz edition GPU's on its PCB, these are running at 1050MHz base clock and 1100 boost clock.


Each of these cards has two GPUs, meaning we'll be testing double-whammy-crossfire aka QuadFire as well today. ASUS didn't skimp on the RAM either, the ARES II features 6 GB of GDDR5 RAM running at an effective clock of 6600 MHz. Truth be told, that's actually a 3 GB particion per GPU, so effectively you can look at this as a non shared 3GB per GPU product.


You'll receive some extra PCI Express PEG splitters to hook up the three required 8-pin power connectors. There already is a fan on the radiator, an extra fan is used to mount into your PC and that then leads towards your radiator so that the radiator is cooled in a push-pull configuration.

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