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5760x1080 Surround and Eyefinity gaming performance

Gaming on three monitors at 5760x1080 continued

Anno 2070


So with Anno 2070 again Crossfire mode with 4 GPUs was not working properly. We applied:

  • DX11
  • Very high Quality mode
  • in-game AA enabled
  • in-game AF enabled
Both the GeForce GTX 690 and ARES II are roughly equal in performance here. At 5760x1080 you will not be complaining about performance alright!

Metro 2033


Metro 2033 is the game that hates NVIDIA for whatever reason. We finally had positive Crossfire scaling -- success!, and yeah that was showing alright. We measure in DX11 mode, image quality settings are maxed out and have AAA anti-aliasing activated. 

One ARES II is sufficient, but performance nearly doubles when we activate Crossfire mode with 4 GPUs activated.

Battlefield 3


For our last test we obviously had to include Battlefield 3, all test runs have enabled:

  • DX11
  • Ultra mode
  • 4xMSAAAA enabled
  • 16x AF enabled
  • HBAO enabled

Again the ARES II takes the lead over the GeForce GTX 690, actually by an extensive margin which is impressive to see. Once we enable Crossfire we do get a tiny bit of positive performance scaling, but not heaps extra alright.

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