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DX10: Far Cry 2

DX10: Far Cry 2

Developer Crytek managed to fashion one of the most convincing and striking locales in all of gaming, and satisfied gamers with the freedom to pass through the landscape and tackle enemies in almost any way they saw fit. You surely remember Jack Carver and that things were about to get seriously messed up for you? Well, tough luck. You are no longer at that deserted tropical island, but hop into a jeep and arrive at the sandy savannah surroundings of Africa. And that's a change... as much as you'll no longer run into any mutants, aliens, or any superpowers or psychic powers. Also - you are no longer Jack Carver, you assume the role of one of nine different mercenaries who are embedded in the midst of a brutal civil war which rages in an imaginary African nation.

Everything that goes down is involved in a dirty little bush war in central Africa and you'll have to use a rusty AK-47 and whatever bits of scavenged land mines you can duct-tape together. Two factions struggle for supremacy: the United Front for Liberation and Labour and the Alliance for Popular Resistance, and both are known for blood and control.


Before we start

We'll be comparing the ARES II with GeForce GTX 690 mostly for obvious reasons. We'll also add ARES II Crossfire results where appliceable. Some games scaled fine, a couple didn't... if the ARES II Crossfire are missing then Crossfire didn't work. Far Cry 2 is a good example of where we notice negative (4 GPU) Crossfire scaling.

Far Cry 2:

  • Level Ranch Small
  • high-quality DX10 mode
  • 8x AA (Anti-aliasing)
  • 16x AF (Anisotropic Filtering).

DX10 very High image quality and eight AA samples. Below a comparative chart. With negative scaling I left out the CFX 4GPU results.


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