Zalman ZM-K700M keyboard review

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Final Words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

Zalman offers one of the better mechanical keyboards with the ZM-K700M, within its price range that is. You will receive all the benefits from your typical mechanical red based keys and switches, and then some. The extras are found in the funky lighting system. It might just be one color (white) but let's be honest the 16M RGB lighting system available at the competition simple is not for everybody. Where the ZM-K700M are the extra features to be found in the programmable macro system and the extra 5 keys for that. Programming is done in hardware and not software, that will not be everybody's cup of tea as a software GUI can be more helpful with things like these. It works OK though. I think that the Zalman offers an incredible fun keyboard to game on + it has nice looks with the LED lighting system, and then add all the advantages of the Cherry MX switches. The trick with the keyboard is that it remains a simple enough keyboard for both use and design, it does not have complicated software that you need to configure. That however also places a limitation on this product. It is the combination of all factors combined that make this an appealing product and yes, it is an overall excellent keyboard all by itself. The macro programming and LED lighting can be a little difficult to use at first due to all the key combos you need to remember, but after 15 minutes of goofing around you'll get the hang of it. A bit of LED back-lighting for me is the icing on top of the cake, even at just one color. For the keyboard, the primary functionality and feel is just great. 


While the Zalman ZM-K700M does not have the intricate 16 Million RGB lighting system or software programmable that the competition has, neither does it have a many extra functions that do separate it from the competition. The weight system feels right and the key feedback is very responsive. It certainly manages to impress. Now then, if you never used one for gaming before, it does take getting used to a bit. Give yourself a few days with the keyboard to fully understand it and get a feel for it as using a mechy definitely is a little different compared to your run of the mill keyboard. We do have to warn you though that if you use the keyboard for productivity (typing letters etc.) then noise might become a factor to consider. Mechanical keyboards are simply more noisy when you type on them. 



We feel that the Zalman ZM-K700M is a product recommended for any gamer that likes to add a little more niche for his or her PC gaming rig thanks to the animated LED option. It isn't too expensive either and truth be told, this easily could be one of my favorite keyboards as it does come with extra Macro keys and seriously a nice feature set. It feels a little awkward to see how popular mechanical keyboard have become, and how incredibly happy Cherry and their bank accounts must be with that. But for gaming, admittedly yeah, they do rock. 

We can recommend the Zalman ZM-K700M from their Z-Machine gaming gear line, it does come recommended for the avid gamer with the cool and hefty gaming PC builds as hey, what is cooler than a keyboard animating LEDs while drinking a beer with your friends while fragging the crap out of each other? Thanks to the Cherry MX switches this set-o-keys is in the noisy keyboard category though, that is the one downside of MX Switches. If you haven't done so, we recommend you to watch the video above to get a better impression of the LED lighting system as photos are just too static to tell what it is all about. So yeah, d
efinitely recommended but perhaps Zalman could look into offering some models with Blue/Brown switches as well ?

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