Zalman ZM-K700M keyboard review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase


Okay, we're going to have a closer look at the product guided with the help of lots of photos. As always packaging and bundle first. The core The Zalman ZM-K700M includes the more common Cherry MX Red flavor key switches (you cannnot choose other switches) and offers features like 1000Hz polling, full-key rollover over USB and anti-ghosting.


Obviously the packaging has changed to suit the latest line of Zalman Z-Machine gaming products, the keyboard has been packaged in a foam bag which does give it that extra feel when you open up the box. 


Unpacking shows a simple bundle, the keyboard, the manual/warranty guide and a 1.8 meter cloth braided cable . The keyboard does not come with extra replaceable or rugged keys for WASD or something. The primary fit for this keyboard would be FPS gaming, but it is well suited enough for any gaming and generic usage. After you power it, across the keyboard you will notice white back-lights, these can be dimmed animated. We'll show you the keyboard powered on over the next few pages of course.


Once we have a better and closer look at the keyboard the words simple and sturdy comes to mind.  The keyboard has a nice heavy feel, combined with the black design as simple as it is, it looks just looks great. You will notice that we received the the model with Cherry RED keys (red applies to pressure not LED color). The keys themselves are not rugged but have a smooth feel to them when used. The keys all seem to have an UV coating that prevent the letters from being washed out anytime soon.



Due to the simplistic design you'll miss separated media function keys on the keyboard like volume, albeit they have been embedded under function keys. There is a windows lock mode key hidden under one of the optional keys, which allows you to disable the Windows key and get dropped back to the desktop by accident in a hefty gaming session. These functions are all supported at default, there's no need to install any software whatsoever. The red highlighted test indicate features you can change to for the animation system, multimedia keys and some other cool stuff.

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