Zalman ZM-K700M keyboard review

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Once connected and the PC powered up we can distill the product to one word, subtlety. White colored LEDs welcome us. Based on a combination of the function key and another keys like 1-2-3- combo you can change the LED lighting preferences and/or macro profile system. Obviously you'll have a few animation options available as well as brightness modes. To the far left you can see the 5 macro keys, these can be programmed without the use of software which is handy and also a pretty unique feature we think.


There's not much going on at the backside. It has rubber feet and you can use standoffs as well to allow a little more height and create an angled position. The keyboard feels heavy (it is just over 1 KG), and combined with rubber feet will ensure you from the keyboard sliding away. It has a very tight grip on my rather slippery desktop.


The keyboard has standoffs so you can have the backside a little higher and type in a better angled position. Everything has rubber inserts, the keyboards sits well and sturdy on my slippery desk. 


As you very likely know, Cherry MX keys can be swapped. No other keys are included though. It probably would have been a nice idea to add additional rugged WASD keys or something.


Media controls for volume etc might not have their own separated keys, but they are located as function key under your DEL/HOME/Insert key etc, so you do more with less basically. In fact lots of keys have extra functions for the ZM-K700M.

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