Star Wars: Battlefront Beta PC graphics performance review

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Star Wars: Battlefront Graphics card VGA performance benchmarks
To be taken to a guru galaxy far, far away!

It has probably been the game that everybody talked about the most this year, Star Wars Battlefront has shocked and awed even since the first video's have been shown. The Star Wars Battlefront is a game and will give Rebels and Imperials alike just a taste of the Star Wars battle fantasies you can expect to live out when the game launches on November 17.

The game has three game modes, a survival mission on Luke Skywalker's adopted home planet Tatooine, this is the one we test in (see screenshot below).


The a sized skirmish on the volcanic world of Sullust is available climactic showdown fight in-between the Empire and the Rebels on the ice planet of Hoth. The last one in particular shows the cinematics and extravaganza of Star Wars, featuring vast, controllable AT-AT walkers, iconic snow-speeders, and a power-ups that enable movie-like explosions. You can download and install the beta starting today/tomorrow, PC gamers will need 11 GB of storage space. Right then, the article.

This article is merely an indication of what's to come in terms of graphics performance. We'll show you graphics cards tested on these resolutions, Full HD (1920x1080) - WHQD (2560x1440)  and 3840x2160 (Ultra HD) we will peek at graphics memory usage, frame-time behaviour and quality versus performance. But again, this will take a few days due to the limitation mentioned above.


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