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ConclusionAs always, there hardly is anything negative to say about an Xoxide product. They do not build the cases themselves, yet they carefully select the products. They mostly buy and brand them on the Xoxide label, they are very successful in doing so. Personally I really dig this PC Case but as stated in the introduction, that is very personal. What you can't deny though is the fact that this product is priced very attractively at only 59.99 USD. For that money you'll receive a kick'ass premodded blue case with stylish side and top window equipped with no less than five fans. All the way in front we can see the fun front panel with a Blue LED fan which is kind of worth buying the case alone as it just looks fantastic.

The case is equipped with 5 fans, it will absolutely produce noise at a level that can become irritating for some of you who like a quiet surrounding. The noise is not at all really that bad though yet you can't ignore the fact that it's there alright. Installation wise we encountered no issues whatsoever, everything functioned as advertised. There are no sharp edges except for the metal plates you need to remove furthermore everything is in the right place plus there is plenty of space to work with. The interiour is nothing fancy inn terms of removable drive bays etc.  The front bezel surely is a nice and welcome addition as you can use it for your USB 2.0 ports.

For not a lot of money you'll buy some stylish pre-modded fun for sure, if this style suits your personal preference and can live with a little noise you'll come to the same conclusion as I will, a very nice product at a very attractive price.

A beauty to look at, highly recommended!

Product: Xoxode Storm Case
Manufacturer: Xoxide
MSRP: $59.99

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