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© Guru3D.comHere's a nice perspective view.

© Guru3D.com
Do you notice the two bigger chrome buttons ? The first is reset- and the second power-on buttons. You hardly notice them and give a certain cloaked feeling to the looks of the case.

© Guru3D.com
This is quite cool I think,
At the front bottom of the case we can find a small door. When you push it, it will open up and we can find the additional connectors for 2x USB, the device could, yet is not equipped, with wiring for firewire, headphone / MIC. So you can only connect 2xUSB.

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The inside -
down below you see the HD bay classic design nothing fancy in terms of removable stuff, furthermore you are looking at loudspeaker and USB/FireWire/MIC/Line-out cable you can connect to your mainboard and of course the mainboard connectors themselves.

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