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Product: Manufacturer: MSRP: $59.99

Every now and then we try to review a PC case, and every time we do such a thing we usually end up at Xoxide.com. Why your ask? Well, for a reasonable amount of money you simply can buy the coolest pre-modded gear and cases. For example take today's product, the Xoxide Storm PC Case. At 59.99 USD we can order a case has side and top windows, is blue colored, has temperature sensing fans and simply is looking fantastic. Try doing that with a Lian-li case, of course I admit, Lian-Li is a class of it's own yet their prices can not compare towards the case that Xoxide is offering right now.

Let's face it, the beige standard case is really not something you and me buy these days anymore, that boring PC Case is definitely something from the past. People spend more and more money on their PC these days and a design case is something they are willing to spend money on. If you are a visitor of Guru3D.com then you crave the need for the best hardware, and therefore I assume will like case modifications. Luckily for us 'freaks', design cases don't cost that much anymore as demand and thus effectively volume has risen big-time the past year or two.

So here we go, today's review will be about the Xoxide Storm case with Side and Top windows in Guru3D.com's house color .. blue.

As usual with our case reviews we are transforming this article into a pictorial as the case should be demonstrated. With reviews like these it's true, a picture can say more than a thousand words. Let's have a quick look at the specifications of Xoxide Storm.

As with most cases these days it's all about style, so you'll either love or hate this model. Take a quick peek to the photo below and you'll immediately notice the characteristics of this case. On the left portal windows we can see a circle blade design side window and on top we can find a window mod, which is somewhat unique to premods. Next to that the stylish round 'grid' up front close to the bottom catches the eye. Once powered up of course things will change even moreĀ  .. and better.

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