Xoxide Storm PC Case review

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Warning!: This review will contain a huge amount of images so if you are on dial-up modem connection, please be patient. We think that seeing is believing and after you see what I saw, you'll see this case as it was meant to be .. wanna see ? ;)

© Guru3D.comXoxide Storm - straight out of the box. Wrapping plastic is still attached on the front side and if you look at the side window you'll notice that the case was filled up with paper to prevent damage during transport. Let me show you a better image of that.

© Guru3D.com
Quite a funny sight once you've opened up that box.

© Guru3D.com
Unwrapped and unplugged this is what the Xoxide Storm looks like when it's unplugged. And and hey, look at the right spot on the side window, pizza boxes !

© Guru3D.com
Left-side view of the case, nice window,
in the middle a transparent fan, dashy.

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