Wi-Fi 7 tested - ASUS ROG Rapture GT-BE98 review (Breaching 3.75 Gbps wireless)

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Power Consumption - Wired and USB performance

For the final series of tests, we examine, among other things, power consumption. It's a popular topic right now, with pricing in the EU soaring towards 35-40 cents per KWh. We measure utilizing a 10M distance setting, which means we test with an active WIFI connection (the throughput test). This is measured at the wall outlet with the aid of a power monitor that is accurate to a tenth of a Watt. This device measures the wall outlet and the router.

The graph shows the power the router uses when sending data from a laptop to a client PC. Wireless features tend to use more energy than others. When the router is not in use, it uses about 19 watts of power and in use ~20 Watts. 


Wired performance 

A test that checks the performance of a LAN-to-LAN network shows that this router performs well when using the Ethernet jacks. You'll receive a selection of 2.5 and 10 Gbps ports, we measure the fastest one. 


USB 3 performance

The Router also has some NAS capabilities, albeit limited and your USB device needs to be FAT32/NTFS  formatted. In the router you can enable is as SAMBA share and as such you get a bit of NAS functionality. It isn't the fastest connection though.  Albeit fast enough for some movie streaming, we used a USB 3.0 Gen 3.2 2x2 USB flash drive capable of NVMe speeds.



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