ViewSonic Elite XG240R Monitor Review

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Final Words & Verdict

It is good to see ViewSonic pushing a bit deeper into the PC gaming market. Many of you might think that 1920x1080 is so 2015 .... however, the vast majority of people is still making use of a monitor with that resolution. It still is (by far) the best-sold screen resolution. That said, this website caters the more high-end and enthusiast PC gamers and as such it probably would have been better for ViewSonic to send out a 2560x1440 screen, pure for relevance. The XG240R did not disappoint but neither did it massively impress?, it's a nice and fast screen that works with adaptive sync. I am not a fan of TN at all, but overall this one was fine. After calibration actually I felt this was not a half-bad display at all.  The display performs ad advertised, you can argue the lack of HDR in the year 2019 but then again, at least ViewSonic isn't faking that HDR label either. The measured 350 nits of brightness are fine for your average monitor. A few pointers, the screen has a design that felt a tiny bit too square with the thick bezels. It has a proper solid grip on the desktop though with that sturdy foot. So yeah, I think that if ViewSonic would do a bit restyling the looks of these monitors, that's would be welcomed.

Refresh rate

You know, they say the human eye cannot see more than ~24 frames per second. But moving from 30 Hz to 60 Hz was all the difference in the world. From 60 to ~144 Hz, again is a step you can notice (however not everybody). So where does that leave us with 144, 200 or even 240 Hz screens then? Well, it's impressive. But would anyone ever need it let alone have a  PC that can push out framerates matching the refresh rate? We feel 144 Hz is the current sweet spot and it is exactly what this monitor offers, so that's good.


The Verdict

ViewSonic wants to satisfy the needs of hardcore fast fps gamers with the XG240R and sees that fit in this TN panel with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and RGB LED illumination in the monitor. The price is around 270 euros and admittedly, that might be a bit too much for a Full HD screen in the year 2019.  What we noticed in the measurements is an offset in backlight, the screen uniformity for brightness was off on the upper left quadrant so the homogeneity of the backlight needs to become better. The implementation of RGB LEDs ar the backside is of course fun but serve little to no purpose. But stuff like that does add on price. Overall as a gaming monitor in a price range that people actually can afford, the ViewSonic XG240R convinces with its response time, low latency and that variable refresh rate of 144 Hz. The competition in this segment is very saturated though, Asus, Acer, LG, Dell and BenQ all offer the same gear at 144 Hz at a lower price. The screen I'd rate as decent, but certainly not exceptional when it comes to color fidelity, the viewing angles of the TN panel are not convincing either. But then again, I assume that you'll be sitting straight in front of your monitor so in that respect viewing angles matter less. So overall, it certainly is an okay monitor with points to improve on. The pricing will need to come down though as currently, you can find similar products in the 179 EUR/USD marker.

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