ViewSonic Elite XG240R Monitor Review

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Color Accuracy and Gamma

Color space and screen uniformity

We start our tests by measuring color space and screen uniformity. Uncalibrated performance means the out-of-the-box settings a monitor ships with. Calibrated performance is what results after the monitor has been put through our DataColor Spyder calibration process. Our aim with calibration is to be at a Gamma of 2.2 with a target 6500k color temperature and a 120cd/m2 brightness. Luminance is candela per square meter (cd/m2) also described as 'nits'.




These monitors come factory calibrated for you, the next tests will back that fact. The average gamma value is also good with a measured deviation of 0.01 from 2.2


Gamma at default is set up at 2.2 and as you can see we reach 1.9, which is way off. Easily tweaked out of the monitor though. Of course, you are free to alter and tweak anything to your liking yourself as the monitor has selectable gamma modes. 



From a practical perspective, the average human eye cannot detect any color differences with a Delta-E value of 3 or less, and an exceptionally trained and sensitive human eye will only be able to perceive color differences with a Delta-E of 1 or above. The monitor is excellent at an △E<1 average.

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