ViewSonic Elite XG240R Monitor Review

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Color Temperature Offset - Power Consumption



Temperature offset to 6500K


We approach color precision in a simple to understand way and to explain the method, this test is simple. We look at how close the screen is to a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin based on the default color space. This test is done at default monitor settings. The screen, however, has many presets you can choose from and some very specific RGB color control preferences. The sky is the limit. In the chart above, the lower the value is, the closer the screen is to 6500 Kelvin. 

Power consumption

We measure power consumption measured in three ways. A white screen, a black screen and then in standby/power-down mode. We measure at 100% brightness which is the maximum output and thus power consumption and that this is the peak value. 




Idle or sleep power consumption has improved over the years for most technology due to US and EU legislation at 0.1  Watt. Close but no cigar. After the PC is turned off, the power consumption sticks at 38 Watts for about 15 minutes. After that moment deep sleep kicks in powering down the hardware. 

Dead pixel check

On inspection, we found no dead or stuck pixels.

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