TerraMaster F5-422 NAS Review

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The F5-422 array, like TerraMaster's F2-210 and F2-220 arrays, is powered by the Linux-based TerraMaster Operating System (TOS), as well as the TNAS desktop and mobile applications. TerraMaster's F5-210 and F5-220 arrays are also powered by the TNAS desktop and mobile applications. The desktop program, which is web-based, includes icons for the File Manager, Applications, Control Panel, Backup, Remote Access, and TOS Help, among other things. A number of icons have been pre-installed in the desktop program, includingthe name of the NAS, a network activity chart, storage use, as well as CPU and memory consumption, which are all displayed on the device's front panel.





You can change raid configurations on the fly, after which the storage pool will start rebuilding itself (which can take hours).

Uploading data from third-party sources, as well as creating and deleting folders and shares, may all be accomplished through the File Manager interface. Choose the Applications icon to open a screen with 75 applications, including more than a dozen backup software, multimedia server applications such as iTunes Server and Plex Server, a number of security tools, and a variety of other business and utility applications:



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