TerraMaster F5-422 NAS Review

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NAS Storage Performance Benchmarks

Performance at 10 Gigabit Ethernet

80 percent of the unit's capabilities and possibilities are represented by the performance measurement screenshots that we are about to show you in this section. Check out how it performs for yourself. With thousands of little files and no queue to contend with, sequential performance is the most important statistic in this circumstance. 4K Queue depth 1 and 1 thread is your worst-case scenario here (unrealistic).


The NAS is at work over 10000 Mbit/s connections. Performance should be in the 125 MB/sec category at a single gigabit and close to 1250 MB/sec range for 10 GigE. In my office, we've already migrated towards a 10 Gbit/s infrastructure. While peak read performance is impressive we do seem to lack some performance. The unit however advertised at this speed. It might be a limited PCIe Lane configuration on the 10 GigE controllers, that or a chipset SoC limitation. It's still well over 5 Gigabvite of throughput though.

The average write performance I have to blame towards the SSDs used. So please do focus on read performance for throughput. 



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