Star Wars Battlefront II PC graphics performance benchmark review

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CPU Scaling

CPU Scaling

If you are wondering, what would be the effect of a four-core versus an eight-core processor for this the game? Well, let's test just that a couple of procs!. I have a quick chart I would like to show you, the results below are based on default clock frequencies as well as a couple of tweaked processors. 


First off, above you can see our default graphics card test system. This is the Core i7 5960X with eight cores and 16 threads. We always have an all core clock at 4200 MHz on this processor. So what would be the effect of the processors clocked at it's highest binned 3.5 GHz defaults? Well, as you can see, Battlefront II really likes faster-clocked processors. I do have to mention though is that I am using the fastest graphics card your money can buy you, the Nvidia GeForce Titan Xp.


So what about CPU core scaling? We again take the same processor, fix the clock frequency on all active cores at 4.0 GHz and then simply measure performance with 4, 6 or 8 cores (SMT enabled). Much to my surprise, the 4-core modus is a notch slower, with 6 and 8-cores perf is better (and equal between the latter two).

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