Star Wars Battlefront II PC graphics performance benchmark review

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Graphics card performance 1080p

Graphics card performance

The game offers several quality settings and modes. At 1920x1080 even entry-level to mainstream graphics cards achieve very good frame-rates at the best possible settings. Visually there is little difference in-between the normal to the most complex mode settings. Let's start off with Full HD and roughly 20 graphics cards based on the quality settings we've shown you.

Note: We'll be testing in the second stage scene of the game, the level as shown above (the first 30 seconds are recorded and averages out).

DRM and protections

Each and every year with EA/DICE titles we stumble into the same issue after you swap our 4 or 5 graphics cards, a protection kicks in and will shut down the game for 24 hours. Basically, EA is taking a snapshot of your PC's hardware, once you start to change things like a CPU or graphics card, it will flag that. Four hits, and you are locked out of the game for 24 hours.


Two years ago EA was quite helpful to bypass the issue, last year not at all and I ended up purchasing several licenses. Considering the keys at this time are 80 bucks, I am not going to do again. So each day a handful of cards and results will get added. It is what it is ...



All graphics cards tested are running reference clock frequencies. Nvidia cards often are sold as AIB product with a much faster factory tweak (and extra 100~150 Mhz on the base clock is not unusual) that can result in say 10% additional performance over reference. For AMD card that typically is lower at a ~50 MHz increase. The type of game you play is always relevant though, a first-person shooter game is nice at 50 to 60 fps, an online shooter on a 144Hz monitor feels better at 100+ fps. And totally on the opposing side, for RPG gaming things are different for which we are comfortable with an FPS ranging as low as 30~35 FPS. For race-games I feel a minimum of 40 FPS average would be a good point to start. At all times if your framerate is low, you can opt to change in-game image quality settings. Again, mind you that we test with reference cards as much as we can, otherwise cards that have been clocked at reference frequencies. 1920x1080 with any should simply not be a problem. BTW you can see that the fastest cards run into a CPU bottleneck at 120~130 FPS. It will be interesting to see if pending graphics card drivers can fix that a little.

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