Star Wars Battlefront II PC graphics performance benchmark review

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Direct X 11 versus DirectX 12

Direct X 11 versus DirectX 12

Star Wars: Battlefront II has two modus operanda, e.g. it can run two APIs. Realistically you are not going to see any image quality difference in-between the two. All our benchmarks have been performed at DirectX 12. It, however, seems that after checking this is not the best options for GeForce graphics cards.



AMD is performing fairly equal in both APIs, there's a few FPS difference overall, however, if we drop all the way down to a CPU bound 1280x720p monitor resolution, you can see that even there DX11 performs a notch better. It's a close call though.


NVIDIA, on the other hand, is showing far more API dependency, and DirectX 11 definitely is the faster solution as the lower the resolution gets, the higher your framerates become compared in-between the two APIs. This was tested with the new 388.31 WHQL drivers btw. Also, before somebody is wondering. DX12 automatically enabled Dynamic Resolution. This mode tries to achieve 60 FPS by dropping image quality, for all our testing in this article, that mode was disabled.


What this means that when the GPU breaks free of its 'bottleneck', your FPS is higher with DirectX 11. You'll need a very fast and expensive graphics card though before you'd notice that even at 1920x1080, we're talking GeForce GTX 1080 TI and Titan Xp class graphics cards here.

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