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SSD Performance SiSoft Sandra HDD

SiSoft Sandra HD test

SiSoft Sandra is a fairly comprehensive suite of benchmarks designed to test various parts of your system, fairly similar to a test like PC Mark or Passmark. One of the tests on offer is disk benchmarking, and - somewhat conveniently - the suite also lists other drives in the same ballpark as the one you have just tests, useful for stacking it up against the competition.

There are a variety of tests available, but we go for the standard 'Read Performance' and 'Read 4K Blocks Performance.' Judging by the results of both, the first appears to be a standard sequential read, with the latter being a more real-world random read. Anyway, how does the drive do? Well, as per the norm now, read speeds (sequentially) are well down on what is advertised, reaching just over 410 MB/s. This isn't at all bad until you remember that the T5 is about 140 MB/s ahead. The random story isn't a whole lot better, reaching a peak of about 158 MB/s. Naturally, as you will see in the graph, the very nature of this test leads to a fair bit of variation in the speeds attained, as you will have noted (to some extent) in the initial stages of the ATTO benchmark.



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