Seagate Fast SSD 1TB review

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SSD Performance HD Tune PRO

HD Tune Pro

HD Tune Pro is an excellent utility, and one of the few to provide a visualization (of sorts) of how the benchmarks are being run. Since the write test on the random read side of things needs an unformatted and unpartitioned drive, we can only provide you the read results here. However, we have also run the more general 'file benchmark' run, which measures the drive not in terms of read/write performance, but also IOPs (Integer Operations per Second).


The story, however, continues, with the Seagate drive proving slower than the (admittedly) more expensive Samsung drive. However, the random read tests provide an interesting picture into the drive's access times, which were (give or take) two to even three times slower on average. This will heavily affect the number of operations the drive is able to perform per second, leading to reduced performance across the board.



The Random IOPS perf, however, had a more rough time in specifically for this test and this test only. So we'll call it a benchmark error (see below). Also, and unfortunately, all other write tests require an unformatted unpartitioned storage unit, as such we can only run the HD Tune Pro random access read test.

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