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SSD Performance Atto Disk Benchmark

Atto Disk Benchmark

ATTO has been a long-standing tool for benchmarking the performance of drives for a long time now, and for good reason. It offers an excellent degree of customization and allows the user to easily see where their drive 'tops out' in terms of performance. Whilst there is a lot of scope for customization, we opted to test with the following parameters (which provide a good metric of performance from across a wide range of use cases). I/O size was set to between 4KB and 1MB, file size to 256MB, and Queue Depth to 10.

The drive is saturated at anything really beyond the 64KB I/O depth, with gains in speed and performance being fairly minimal. Generally speaking, beyond a certain point, read performance of the drive is stronger than write, to the tune of around 35-40 MB/s (but this is hardly a surprise). However, as you can see, vs. the T5... the Seagate drive gets beaten. At the most, the disk tops out at 411.95 MB/s read, and 374.63 MB/s write. Whilst by no means slow, the Seagate product is lagging a bit behind in terms of performance. The Samsung drive, by a regular price comparison, is around 100 bucks more expensive though. This is a fairly big financial margin, but so is the differential in performance. I will, naturally, circle back to this in my conclusion.



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