Seagate Fast SSD 1TB review

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SSD Performance Anvil's Storage Utilities

Anvil's Storage Utilities

We close with the Anvil benchmark. Designed as a comprehensive suite allowing the user to not only evaluate the raw read/write performance of their SSD, the information pertaining to IOPS and response times is also clearly laid out for you to see. I like this, and it's probably the easiest to use and comprehensive suite that doesn't really require any end user configuration. Simply hit 'Run', and the benchmark will begin.


This benchmark provides, perhaps, the biggest indication of the performance differential to date. In the overall score (forgetting the differences in Read/Write and IOPS, because we have seen those enough I think), the Samsung T5 scores around 3,600 points. The Seagate product, however, scores around 2,750. That is, a little surprisingly, a bit below what was scored by the original 'T1' external drive from Samsung, a product that was released in 2015. To be fair to Seagate, this is their first real attempt at an external flash solution, so to have something that pretty much goes toe to toe with the best of the best of 2015 (especially in storage terms) really isn't half bad. 2015 wasn't all that long ago, either, though 3 years in the hardware world may as well be a new lifetime.


That said, it does fall behind, sometimes by as much as 25%, but more commonly between 15-20%. As said above (and something I will also touch on later), it's really not at all bad, all things considered. Anyway, with all of that out of the way, shall we conclude?

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