PixelView GeForce FX 5900 XT GL

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Guru3D.com 2004Here's the little extra plastic drive-bay I've been telling you about. Now you can remove the Blue Icy Crystal Display from the graphics card and then...

Guru3D.com 2004
Insert it into the plastic bay and you'll be able to watch GPU temp, etc on the front side of your PC case. A long wire to connect this is included.

Guru3D.com 2004
Now when we power up the PC and zoom in a little on the the
Blue Icy Crystal Display we can see what I was talking about. GPU temperature and fan rotation.

Guru3D.com 2004
This is how it looks inside your PC.

Guru3D.com 2004
Yes, yes... it's the box, the packaging.

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