PixelView GeForce FX 5900 XT GL

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Guru3D.com 2004At the front you can see the CRT/VGA, S-Video out and DVI-I connector

Guru3D.com 2004
Here we can have a better look at the fan inside the aluminum housing.

Guru3D.com 2004
This is the "
Blue Icy Crystal Display" where you can read the graphics core temperature and fan speed (RPM) from it, plus now an additional external fan. After we tested the 5700 a while ago we noticed some discussion in our forums about that LCD display. It was stuck in one position. With a normal PC case the LCD display would face downwards and thus was hard to read. The LCD display can now be rotated to a 90 degree angle.

Guru3D.com 2004
All the way at the end we find the
Molex connector that you hook up to your power supply. A thing that we'll not see again with PCI-Express (at least for a little while). To your right you can see an addition fan connector. This one powers up a fan + its rotational information can be displayed on the Blue Icy Crystal Display.

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