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A rather Subjective experience

A rather Subjective experience

Right, I've been using the mouse for a while now just to check out how well I like it in gaming and normal desktop usage. In short, it's just very responsive and everything you can expect from a mouse in this price-range. And I say this price range on purpose, as the one thing this mouse isn't .. is cheap. Roughly 50 to 60 USD is a lot of money for just a mouse. But granted, you'll love the precision this mouse will offer you.

What's great is of course the selectable dpi levels, it just really makes the difference in first person shooters with fast high action, versus say a sniper level where you quickly want to lower your DPI precision so that your mouse pointer can be steered towards your target more accurate. It's stuff like that that really makes mice like these shine.

I do have one remark though, the DPI switching works fine, yet I can't help thinking they are located a little bit too far backward on top of the mouse. I would have preferred a small scroll wheel just behind the right mouse button, below the three blue LED lights. I know, I'm nitpicking here, but I found myself always looking at the mouse seeking the buttons ... that takes a second. So when an evil Nazi German soldier has got me at gunpoint, that's not time I want to waste .. really.

Other than that everything seems to be in place. It's a lightweight mouse that will impress you. Also in case you have not noticed, this mouse is for both the right and left handed, which was a nice thing to do. Lastly, surely the design has to be complemented on. It looks great, not too flashy with a gazillion different led colors. No design wise I'd say it's just right.

So the response time and accuracy certainly feel good. The optical engine combines high precision movement with light weight, making the mouse easier to move quickly and repeatedly. New to the series of course is the possibility to add weight to the mouse.

The mouse itself is on edge in all it's ways. Most buttons are positions just right; though I feel that the thumb buttons could have been located a bit more to the front, and the design itself makes it feel a good fit to your hand if you are right handed.

NZXT Avatar gaming mouse

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