Corsair Dominator 6GB 1866 MHz DDR3 review

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Corsair 1866 DDR3 Triple Channel memory

Product: Dominator 6GB PC15000 DDR3 RAM
Tri Channel, 1866MHz, DHX
Manufacturer: Corsair
SKU code: TR3X6G1866C9DF
Information: website
Street price: 449 USD

Bringing the TRI into your PC

What would you say is the biggest product release last year that opened up a can of performance in it's own segment ? Yeah .. it just has to be anything Core i7 related. The processors series rocks, the mainboards are expensive yet fantastic, and another thing it did and will continue to do so .. it drives sales of (and the move towards) DDR3 memory upwards.

It's quite interesting to see what the release of a new processor architecture can achieve. If anything the release of Core i7 has shown us that with a standard FSB based and clocked PC, the memory was extremely underappreciated until you started to overclock that front side bus.

DDR3 memory has become a every important and integral part of the Core i7 eco-system and obviously memory vendors jumped on that. Though not at all required for Core i7, it does offer you the option to go for Triple channel memory, instead of dual-channel memory. Smashing even better memory performance and bandwidth smack down on the table. And that's a good opportunity for everybody. The memory manufacturers, and you as a consumer as well.

Therefore a lot of triple memory kits are now available on the market ranging in a plethora of clock frequencies and sizes. Most popular are of course the 3 and 6 GB kits. And as you guys know, we test a lot of games .. this year for the first time I am advising people that move towards such a high-end system to make the move for 6GB memory as well. See, though very limited right now, we did run into some game situations where the difference between 3 and 6 GB was measurable, and most of all noticeable.

One of the leading manufacturers out there is of course Corsair. A brand with reputation to uphold, they are strong in the high-end market and are focused and dedicated to keep it that way. It came as no surprise to see them release some pretty dandy kit onto the market. One of these kits is a 6 GB (3x2GB) 1866 MHz Triple Channel memory kit at CAS latency 9, it's available under SKU (product code) TR3X6G1866C9DF and comes with a Dominator airflow fan. To date this is the most impressive six Gigabyte memory kit we have had our hands on. So please head on over to the next page, where we'll startup a review on this amazing memory kit and look at both performance and aesthetics.

Corsair 1866 DDR3 Triple Channel memory

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