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ATI planning a new Radeon 5870 X2 Graphics card

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There have been numerous rumors floating on the web that AMD ATI is working on an updated dual-GPU X2 card. Though names and specifications vary a lot, yesterday an entry for a Radeon HD 5870 X2 popped up at a Dutch (respectable) etailer.

It's quite interesting as they inserted the card specifications into their system as well.


Chipset Radeon HD5870X2
Memory -
Memory Type GDDR5
GPU frequency 800 MHz
Memory Frequency 4800 MHz
Interface PCI-e 16x
Video-in No
DVI 2 x
D-sub Yes
TV Tuner -
Max Resolutie 2560 x 1600 pixels
Mac Compatible -
Dimentions -
DirectX 10.1
Connectors -
Displayport -

The most scary thing has to be the price, as it's set at 677 EUR right nopw, but likely that's wahaaay lower if it ever would reach production. Either this could be a lame joke, or the real thing, but we know for a fact that ATI is working on an update in whatever shape or form that might be.

The other rumor is that ATI is working on a several RV790 based graphics cards, including a dual-GPU Radeon HD 4995 X2. A site claims internal sources at AMD told them there will be a Radeon HD 4950, a Radeon HD 4970, and a Radeon HD 4995 X2. The reporter says this card should enable ATI to regain the performance crown from the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295.  Previous reports claimed ATI may introduce the first RV790 GPUs at CeBIT and there's some speculation that these parts may be 40nm but nothing is really official yet.

Check out the product link at Salland for yourself here.

Vista SP2 release candidate to ship next week

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The Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista is being released next week in a candidate escrow build after Microsoft has moved up its release schedule for the software, according to a recent TechArp report. The initial wave of the software is now expected to be released a little sooner than previously expected, now at sometime late in April or early in May in its Release to Manufacturing version if no further delays are incurred. In-between, the final release candidate build is now due to be distributed on February 16th.

SP2 includes support for new hardware and emerging standards. The update will allow users to record Blu-ray media natively, have an updated Bluetooth 2.1 feature pack, and add Windows Search 4.0 for faster and more efficient file finding, among others. in Windows Vista. It will also support 64-bit processors from VIA and improve Wi-Fi performance after returning from sleep mode. New capabilities will be added to DirectX, with audio and video performance enhanced to better handle high-definition content.

SP2 is believed to the last major update to the software, meant to give users incentive to upgrade the current Windows operating system before Windows 7 launches in the near term.

Gigabyte launches passive Radeon 4850 1024MB

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Interesting, the Radeon 4850 does run quite hot, and to see it passively cooled ? I don't know just yet. But gigabyte actually claims it's cooler than the reference cooler, up-to 7 Degrees C actually.

The new SKU can be found under product code GV-R485MC-1GI and has yet another advantage, it has a framebuffer (videocard memory) of 1024MB. If there is one point in time where I like to see graphics adapters go towards 1024 MB .. this is it. The core clock will be set at 600 MHz and the memory at 1880 MHz.

BTW this would be one wicked HTPC card.


Hercules XPS 2.1 50 Speaker Kit review [Guru3D]

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Today we will be looking at a new speaker system available from Hercules, yes yes .. once known for their Radeon based graphics cards. After they moved out of the GPU industry they refocused on audio related products amongst others. Does anyone remember the DJ Console for example ?

In the lab we have the Hercules XPS 2.1 50. This system can be used with PC or Mac for MP3 players, CD Players, TV Set or a Game Console. For those at hom in our forums, his review is written by Steven 'ROBSCIX' Wall, who joined our staff recently.

You can ready the full review at this URL.

BFG, EVGA and Zotac prepping watercooled GeForce GTX 295

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Industry sources told are elaring us that BFG, EVGA and Zotac are working on a watercooled version of the dual-GPU GeForce GTX 295. Exact launch details are unknown, but it is to be believed we'll likely see the cards introduced at CeBIT in early March.

There are few details to go on regarding the two water-cooled cards from EVGA and Zotac, but it's likely that these versions will also be factory overclocked, given their cooling solution. Currently, a standard GTX 295 is capable of providing 480 processor cores, clocked at 1242MHz, and featuring a 576MHz core speed. With 1792MB of GDDR3 memory, clocked at 999MHz, the card can provide a texture fill rate of 92.2 billion/sec.

Intel to show 8-core Xeon on Feb. 9th

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Intel will give its first public look at an 8-core Xeon processor in less than two weeks at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, the show's schedule (PDF) reveals. The unnamed chip will double the core count of existing Xeons and is based on the same 45 nanometer manufacturing process and Nehalem architecture that underpins the Core i7. The shift adds Hyperthreading and will let even a single-socket Xeon processor theoretically address as many as 16 simultaneous program threads at once by putting two threads on each core.

No other details are directly revealed, though Nehalem brings with it the newer point-to-point QuickPath technology that eliminates the need for a dedicated system bus between the processor and peripherals.

Intel isn't expected to release the 8-core processor at the event, which often touches on roadmaps rather than production hardware. However, quad-core Nehalem Xeons are expected to arrive in the early part of the year and will be fundamentally similar outside of their reduced multi-processing.

File binary mirrors requested

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Due to a growing demand in file-hosting is seeking new global file mirrors.

 If your company (preferably ISP) would be interested in helping this community (sponsored) out, on the topic of bandwidth / file hosting we'd very much like you to get in contact with us.

GPU shipments plunged in Q4 2008

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Not exactly a surprise but according to Jon Peddie Research Computer Graphics Chip Shipments took a plunge in Q4 of 2008. And indeed, when you look at the numbers .. they are just dreadful for ANY manufacturer. Total shipments of GPUs for Q4'08 was 72.35 million. During the same quarter last year, 100.5 million GPUs shipped, and in the previous quarter, Q3 '08, 111.26 million units shipped representing a 34% drop quarter to quarter and a -2% drop year over year.

This is the first time Q4 shipments have decreased compared to Q3 since  the year 2000.


8year Average



















Table 1: Growth rates from Q3 to Q4 from 2001 to 2008

Everyone in the market suffered reduced shipments - some suffered more than others. In this quarter, Nvidia has taken back some market share from AMD's ATI division. For more detail see Table 2.


This quarter

Market share

Last quarter

Market share

Growth Qtr-Qtr

A year ago

Market share

Growth Yr-Yr
































































Table 2: Total Graphics Chip Market shares for Q3 '08

While the quarterly results for Q4 '08 are obviously unusual, it is perhaps slightly less surprising considering that Q3 was also a surprise in the other direction. Shipments for Q3 '08 were unusually high, even for the traditionally high third quarter. In talking to vendors in related industries we have seen the same scenario playing out - a robust third quarter and a much slower fourth quarter. 

Scythe preparing KillerWhale cpu cooler

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Heck, I do not make these names up ! Scythe will soon announce their Killerwhale CPU cooler which is intended for enthusiast PC users and Overclockers, as it seems. The cooler has an all copper base and no less than 6 (6mm) heat pipes which connect towards the aluminum fins.

To top it off, thy shall find a 120mm fan with 800-1800 rpm and a maximum sound pressure of 32DBA (a lot for a fan really). The cooler will weigh in at 900 grams and measures 154,5x143x143,5mm. The KillerWhale will fit Intel's LGA775, 1366- and AMD's 754-, 939-, 940-, AM2- and AM2+-sockets.

Availability and price it to be announced.

Download: HWiNFO32 version 2.37

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HWiNFO32 is a professional hardware information and diagnostic tools supporting latest components, industry technologies and standards. Both tools are targeted to recognize and extract the most possible amount of information about computer's hardware which makes them suitable for users searching for driver updates, computer manufactures, system integrators and technical experts too.

HWiNFO32_s.jpgRetrieved information's are presented in a logical and easily understandable form and can be exported into various types of reports.

  • Comprehensive hardware information
  • System health monitoring
  • Basic benchmarks
  • Text, CSV and XML report formats
  • Periodical updates
  • For Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Server 2003; Windows 9X/Me (limited)

The new version of the HWiNFO32 hardware information and diagnostic tool and it features:

  • Fixed corruption of sensor icons in tray after longer time.
  • Added nVidia GeForce GTX 295, GTX 285, Quadro FX 3800, GeForce 8200M, 9100, 9200, GF100, HICx16 + Graphics, GT212, GT214, GT215, GT216, GT218.
  • Added possibility to rename sensor labels.Added support of Logitech G15 series LCD monitor - possibility to display sensor values.
  • Added recognition of Intel GS40 chipset.
  • Enhanced sensor configuration.
  • Enhanced support of Havendale/Auburndale and Arrandale.
  • Added Supermicro X8DTN SMBus SPD mux support for complete memory module enumeration.
  • Fixed reporting of unlimited Nehalem QPI and Memory Controller clock.
  • Added ATI FireStream 9250, FireStream 9270, Mobility RADEON HD 4850 X2, RV740, M93, M97.
  • Several other minor updates and bugfixes.

Download - click here

Super Talent 64GB SSD Upgrade for Asus S101 Eee PC

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Super Talent today launched an SSD, offered in capacities up to 64GB, specially designed as an upgrade for the Asus S101 Eee PC. The Windows model of the Asus S101 Eee PC includes only 16GB of local storage, so Super Talent

Crysis Warhead upcoming Patch 1 details

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The chaps over at inCrysis have shown some details in their latest monthly update regarding what to expect in Crysis Warhead's first patch, which will be releasing very soon:

General Fixes/tweaks

  • Windows Vista: Mouse cursor should no longer have an offset in the menu.
  • Windows Vista: Unrequested launches in windowed mode should occur less often now.
  • Timedemo can now be started from the command line.
  • Better dynamic texture support for enthusiast mode.

New Features

  • Added 64-bit executables for Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista 64-bit version. In Windows XP x64 a new shortcut will be placed under the Crysis Warhead program group. In Windows Vista right-click the Crysis Warhead icon in Game Explorer and choose to run the game in 64-bit mode.

SmartFPS v1.10

Benchmarks & Demo's 179 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn 0 is a free software to benchmark latest videocards and processors by real world games like Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Unreal Tournament 3, Call Of Duty 2, Battlefield 2, Serious Sam 2, Call Of Juarez, Quake 4, Prey, The Chronicles of Riddick: EFBB and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.