NZXT Avatar mouse review

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NZXT Avatar gaming mouse

Product: Avatar gaming mouse
Manufacturer: NZXT
SKU code: -
Information: website
Street price: 59 USD

NZXT Avatar gaming mouseYou know, doesn't cover enough gaming devices really. I mean, we do everything from the most high-end graphics cards, to motherboards, storage units, memory, chassis ... but the minute we actually have to connect something to that PC ..chances are slim that we review it. We're trying to improve that, our OCZ NIA review was a good example of that.

Let me therefore make another addition in change to that approach today, a mouse for gamers. And after saying that, this is immediately where I realize why we hardly review keyboards and mouse's etc .. I mean, good gawd .. it's just the most subjective thing to do. What do you guys look for in a peripheral like a mouse ? Does it need to be programmable, weight perhaps, ergonomics, functionality, price, material usage. left/right handed .. or are the aesthetics more important to you ? See, each and every one of you has his or her own preference so really .. testing a mouse is subjective as hell.

None the less I'll give it a try today. We'll focus on the points mentioned above. The idea is simple to get you an overview whether or not the mouse would be something for you. You might hate the design, you might love it. You might hate the functionality, you might like it. It's subjective for sure. But not bringing reviews on peripherals like these would be even worse then not reviewing it.

So we'll start off today .. yes a gaming mouse. Recently NZXT released their first gamers mouseeh mouseeh .. it's called the Avatar, have a peek .. then browse to the next page where we'll show you it's functionality and specifications. Then we'll show you a nice photo-shoot, some subjective experiences .. followed by a conclusion. Ah .. this this might even work out well.

Come on dude .. next page please. But not before you had a glimpse of what we are reviewing today.

NZXT Avatar gaming mouse

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