Arctic Cooling Silentium T3 ECO 80 review

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Arctic Cooling Silentium T3

The journey for quiet and cool

Product: Silentium T3 ECO 80
Manufacturer: Arctic Cooling
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Information: Website
Street price: 139 USD

Arctic Cooling Silentium T3Silence .. I kill you ! Yes yes, probably best phrase of 2008. Who doesn't know the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and that wicked creation of his, Achmed. Now, it's a weird jump to make towards the review today .. then again it isn't. See I hate noisy PCs, yet also love high end-hardware. And it seems that the past year or two the two could not be combined anymore. A silent PC is a awful hard thing to achieve with these hot components.

There are many chassis out there claiming to be silent, yet the minute it's fans spin up, your neck hair starts growing inwards back into the skin out of frustration.

Therefore it was with mild interest that we took notice of a press release from Arctic Cooling a while ago.

Arctic Cooling really doesn't not need much of an introduction anno 2008. Their products are widely know and reputable. So much even that they are used by many graphics cards AIB's for example. Who do you think makes the HIS Radeon IceQ cooling ? Or Inno3D's iChill coolers? Yep, Arctic cooling.

Recently they announced the Silentium series chassis. It comes with integrated powered supply and since they have a reputation to uphold .. the chassis been made silent all the way.

The Arctic Cooling Silentium T3 ECO 80 is a mid sized tower chassis offering sheer silence, combined with a integrated 80+ Watt efficient PSU. It's likely the most weird chassis we've ever tested making it difficult to predict how it will fare; the test will be to see how it performs with a real system. So we'll take you through a photo-shoot, then install a system based around a Q6600... and grab the good old dBa meter to see how silent the chassis really is.

Arctic Cooling Silentium T3

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