NVIDIA nForce 790i Ultra SLI review (eVGA)

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Page 12 - Photos ESA Tagan 1100W power supply

An ESA ready power supply

nForce 790i SLI Ultra - Guru3D.com 2008

The second ESA device we are adding in this new eco-system is the Tagan BZ-1100 Watt power supply. An extremely nice looking and performing PSU. This obviously is the new ESA model which has a little core-logic in there allowing you to monitor Wattage, Voltage and Ampage on the rail distribution.

nForce 790i SLI Ultra - Guru3D.com 2008

The power supply certainly is sexy looking with that color treat given to each of the connection points on the unit.  Once you connect a nicely sleeved color coded wire, the color coded round bands you see at the PSU will display a LED light.

You'll have 24A on the +3.3V rail and 30A on +5V rails and we can combine them for a total of 170W.  There are six 12volt rails with each of them providing up-to 20 amps of current. Just the 12volt rails alone combine for a total of 960 watts. Finally we have 1A on the -12V rail and 6A on the -5V rail for a total 40 watts.  Now if you add 40 + 960 +170 then that's your 1100 watts.

nForce 790i SLI Ultra - Guru3D.com 2008

Then we have the zippered storage bag for carrying all of the unused power cable so you can keep track of them. Anyway, great power, great connectivity, great aesthetics and hey what we are installing it for ... ESA functionality so you can readout information coming from the PSU.

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