Lamptron HM070 Flip LCD review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

The Lamptron HM70 FLIP is not the cheapest solution out there. You get a ready-for-action unit with a 7”, probably a TN panel with 1024x600 resolution. Seems good but not so great at first glance. We think a slot cover to guide the wires into the case would also be helpful. As we already had a chance to check the HM101 model, and some other hardware monitors were launched in the meantime, there’s no feeling of having a fresh experience. However, no significant brand is doing any similar product. It’s a niche product, and cooperation with Aida is a good solution for people wanting a hardware monitoring solution. 




The HM70 FLIP is very compact on the desk, and you can easily carry it wherever you need it. We didn’t put it into the chassis (although Lamptron says it can be done), as although it’s “only” 7” format – it is still relatively big for most cases on the market. You can use the HM70 FLIP with devices other than a PC (e.g., as a secondary monitor in travel), and the USB cable provides enough power to the unit. It’s good that you don’t need a separate power supply because they always create more mess. Regarding the software side - the essential features are powered mainly by Aida64. The setup is intuitive and doesn’t take much effort to enable the monitoring screen. It might take some more time to adjust the display precisely to your needs, but luckily, some pre-made layouts are provided on the pen drive included in the package (and you can find many of them on the Aida64 forum). This makes it much easier to tweak which parameters you want to display. You’ll find everything you need in the bundle: HDMI and USB cables, a USB stick with Aida64, and a manual. What more would you want?

First of all – USB Type-C should be used for the power. Second – the provided HDMI/USB cables should be longer, as the ones in the bundle are aimed at usage in the chassis, not on the desk (speaking of – you won’t get a stand for this). There’s no slot aperture for cable routing. The brightness can’t be adjusted. The display is a TN matrix (not IPS), so the viewing angles are relatively poor. Also, the resolution should be higher than 1024x600, and the noise of the motor is too noisy. The price is about 320 USD, and even considering the ~20 USD value of the Aida64 key – it’s simply too expensive. We’re not granting this product any award – although we appreciate its features, a new idea of flipping the screen, a simple powering solution, and extensive h/w data monitoring options. The Lamptron HM70 FLIP is very user-friendly and can bring a bit of fresh air to your desk (but it’s not something revolutionary). But on the other side - not everyone needs to have a real-time view of their hardware readings, especially on that budget, with a low-resolution screen, (short) USB Type-A cable (and also the HDMI is only 1 m). There are too many drawbacks to that price, that’s all.

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