Lamptron HM070 Flip LCD review

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Specification and features

Specifications and features

“Lamptron has launched the HM070 Flip display for PC hardware monitoring, designed to be installed within a PC case. The unit can automatically flip the screen open when powered on. The device also includes a remote control for manual operation and is powered via a 5 V Micro USB connector with HDMI used for the display. In the age of technology, computers are no longer just black boxes for industrial and office use. Lamptron HM070 Flip combines with AIDA64 software to give you a more comprehensive understanding of all hardware parameter changes. It has a 7-inch LCD that can display your personalized information interface or replace your computer monitor. Lamptron HM070 Flip combined with AIDA64 software can display all hardware parameters of your computer, including motherboard, CPU, GPU, memory, hard disk, video card, sound card, fan, etc. Lamptron HM070 Flip is connected to your HDMI and USB ports. It requires your PC to have a spare HDMI port and support dual display mode. It can be placed on your computer desk or in your computer case. When it is in your computer case, it can be fixed in the PCI position of the case or other places because it is only 30mm thick! Lamptron HM070 Flip has configured five different skins for you and is constantly updated.” 




  • 7” LCD screen display(same as mobile phone screen).
  • Working together with AIDA64( Cooperation (official partner) with AIDA64(     
  • PC hardware real-time monitoring.
  • Mounting on the desktop or inside the computer case.
  • Lamptron offers different interface design ZIP files.      
  • Users can design interfaces.
  • Boot up automatic rise, shut down automatic landing



Technical details:

  • Dimension: 182.5mm*130mm*30mm ( 125mm )
  • Screen Dimension: 165mm*110(screen)
  • Color Available: Black
  • Connectors: HDMI, Micro USB
  • Screen resolution: 1024*600(60Hz)
  • Visible angle: 80º


Let’s check what’s in the box.

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